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Shorty 006...

It's already 2 am.

She stares blankly at the screen, silently. It was all quiet, only the sound of her breathing, exhaling and inhaling as the seconds lazily walk.

She lets go a little sigh.

She reads the words she puts on the screen, forming a train of her deepest inner thoughts. But she only sees a bric-a-brac of nothingness. It's like something put a distance between her and the tale she chooses to follow.

Like a dog chasing its own tale.

But this time she knows what she's been missing.

How could she become so frail in front of it?

She longs the moment when it was easy to befriend it.

She misses the time when it was so simple to even say it.

Her cellphone sings a song. A message. A singing telegram?

"I love you, beib... honestly"


Such a big word.

She turns on the radio.

If I fell in love with you
Would you promise to be true
And help me understand
'cause I've been in love before
And I found that love was more
Than just holding hands*

She doesn't know whether those are the tears of happiness or sadness.

She slowly presses her cellphone pads.

"Thank you."

*If I fell, The Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, 1964


independence day...

Let's say it again...

Independence day.

It does have a nice sound, doesn't it?

Everybody is talking about freedom that, freedom this... you name a thing, put the phrase "free to" before it, voilĂ , instant spirit of independence day. To be consumed without moderation. Free flow, guys... enjoy your freedom.


One thing I notice; everyone is doing things in the name of freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of whatever-you-put-to-make-an-excuse-to-justify-your-misbehavior. It's like the ultimate excuse, you know... free country, right?

And that is the very moment your freedom is imprisoning you.

That's right. It's the moment you do things because of freedom. Because the freedom says so.

We are not free.

Unless you realize that what you do is purely coming from you. From your heart, soul and your whole being.

Being free from freedom.

Happy Independence Day, nonetheless...

*yes, my bitchy mode is on... or so they all say*
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