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still sleepy...

Dear God... please give me time to sleep...

People who work in advertising business must face this problem often... in fact, always. How to know things in people's mind. Melbourne-based ad agency, Dare, has created a unique solution to solve it. They opened a cafe, See Life Differently just under their office, thus creating an environment that breaks down the barriers between the agency and the general populace, or the target segment, if I might say... Now, everyone from CEOs to household wives will drop by to eat, drink, shop and most importantly, integrate with ad staff who use the canteen as a meeting area (maybe a hidden FGD?).

As Dare's Paige-Elise Reade said, "having people in the building gives us a unique insight into what 'real' people are concerned about."

That is a cool idea... hmmmm, I think I will make a satay parlor in front of my office.

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