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rise and shine

I did have a great weekend... first, a LOT of rest... I spent my Saturday in my bed (farniente, how I love it...), walking through the history of India, in the mind of Saleem Sinai, a gifted child born within the imagination of Salman Rushdie. The book is excellent, I enjoyed every word of it. Travelling through the ups and downs of India, Pakistan... from the view of a boy, born at the exact time of India's Independence day. Trust me, this book is made for everyone, even a superhero comic book geek will get a thrill from it. One thing that I remember the most from this book: for every snake, there's a ladder, and for every ladder, there will be a snake waiting for you in the corner.

And when I finally decided to get out of my bed on Sunday, I went watching Mr. Ahnold, the one and only terminator... the film is surprisingly good, I didn't expect it to be that way. I was just looking for a no-brainer, but well, the film got more in it than ass-kicking actions. A phrase got stuck in my mind... "No fate but what you will make...". Well, another point to ponder here...

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