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Fasting and Trying Not To Be Furious...

This is the day when my mail is full of all those pre-Ramadhan emails. Apologize. Be pure. Bla bla and bla.

Somehow I decided not to send that kind of letter (moot point: are emails letters?).

Because I feel that the only person that I should be apologizing doesn't need to be emailed to.

I have to apologize to myself first.

At peace with self.

All the struggles within.

And all the mistakes I did to myself.

It's not being selfish, mind you. It's about retrospection. Introspection.

Because how could I be able to forgive others, if I wasn't able to forgive myself.

Cleansing our body and soul. That's the spirit of the Ramadhan.

It's always easy to forgive.

Starting with self.

Nevertheless, for all of you who celebrate it, be good.


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