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Writer's block...

I've been writing this particular story for quite a long time.

It was fun creating it from the scratch. The story flew naturally, I did not have any difficulties whatsoever to grow every single plot. It wrote itself. I filled many pages with words, verses, paragraphs. And in my personal opinion, they were beautiful. I remember exactly how the idea came to me at the first place. And indeed, as any of you might experience, it was very hard to begin. I didn't know what to write. I always had difficulties starting the first chapter.

But then I decided to pull out the pen and to start writing. I am a classic writer, always using a pen and papers

Then the story began. Slowly but surely...

Pages were written, and the plot was starting to be built. I had pleasure writing every single line, every single word and every single ponctuation. I used every possible metaphors, analogies and similes. I wrote it beautifully... with roses and thorns between every single chapter. They don't call me sentimentalist fool for no reason.

Then somewhen in the near past, the story began to distance itself from me... It has a life of its own. I didn't have the necessary subtances to fill the pages anymore, let alone to finish the story.

The plot began to outgrow my ability and somehow, the story seems to overwhelm me... and I think I am not the one who would be able to write the way it is supposed to be written...

So I made a decision to let the story to rest somewhere upon my desk. I would let it breath a little while, because the way I write is not fit to the whole wordscape -or so I think-...

Maybe someday I would continue that story...

But for now, I think it is best for us to be apart... maybe my friend would see it and he would be able to continue it, because I know he is a better writer than me... but maybe I would do it myself.

Maybe I should start writing something new... to experience a brand new plot and to fill pages of different words and verses.

That story was beautiful... and I don't regret abandoning it for a while... for in the future, it might find a better writer and I might write a better story... which I kinda doubt.

Writing a new story... anyone has an idea?


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