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For those who about to rock...

Last week I attended an informal gathering of Multiply users. It was held at a club called Parc, famous for its independent/underground bands.

After meeting my friends and trying to chat despite the noise, I sipped my Jack and coke and started to look around. The place was packed with a particular genre of people. I was told they were called emo, whatever the hell it means. They were chatting, dancing and nodding their head according to the rhythm. Oh, did I mention that the place was a bit small? The smoke was filling every single inch of the room.

Then something familiar hit me.

It was the same feeling I had back then in my teens. I was hanging around with my friends in small places -they were called squat-, listening to some underground bands, drinking booze and smoking weeds. The sensation of being the outcast of the society, the same one I had when I screamed the lyrics of my favorite songs, when I moshed around the place, no matter how small it was. The very same feeling.

Radical, restless, resistant, riotous...


Being a rebel in a surpressing and depressing society, something that every single one of us must experience once in a lifetime.

Indeed, the attributes are different. The Docs are replaced by Puma or Converse, the flanels are changed into t-shirts or tight shirts, the long hair are mutating into brit cuts. But you'll notice something that would stay the same no matter what.

The shine in the eyes everytime the bands launched a highly distorted note, the scream when they ride the solos, drilling their way into the crowd's soul.

The spirit would never change.

Music will always be the common denominator between every generation. We had rock, punk, grunge, alternative and now we have emo. Those genres were always be the hands that cradle our defiant spirit, pushing ourselves to the limit and teaching us what was the most important thing in life...

... that to live is about to rock, to feel every distorted rhythm and every pounding beats.

And finally to put them together, creating a harmonious melody.


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