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Two days ago...

I was having my dinner with a friend and we talked about our path in life and how it would always be influenced by the will of our parents.

Something hit me hard that very moment. I don't know why and how.

I miss them.

Somehow I want them to influence me. To tell me where to go. To guide me through this void. To give me some light in this dark room.

Somehow I need to see them again. To hear their voice outside my head instead from within. To feel their touch instead of remembering.

Somehow I feel the urge to talk with them. To spit all my troubles instead of swallowing them. To argue my thoughts instead of accepting them.

Somehow I crave to feel their presence. To call them and say that I'll pass by next weekend. To be called and reminded to have my dinner when I'm working late.

Now they are deep within me and they still help me through thorny path, indeed. But still...

... I want to pray with them, not for them.

I'm sorry.


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