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Shorty 004


Her room was empty.

Something was missing in her life.

She just didn’t know what

Was it the pale moonlight?

Was it the unforgetable tunes?

She walked around her room, sometimes staring at the midnight sky, searching for a single star to shine. But there were none. There were nothing left except darkness. There was no light. Dark. Deep. Cold.

Her hands trembled. A tear wanted to scream out, but somehow she knew that her eyes are desert dry. In moments like these, she thought of tears as an oasis…

She still didn’t know the feeling she had. Heck, she didn’t know the feeling she lacked.

It was the ultimate paradox dancing in her head. It was painful. No, not painful as one might feel, but a delectable pain. It was the slight burn you had when you put your finger into a candle fire.

She tried to smile. She tried to try. Try. Try. Trice. Truce?

She let go a small laugh. It was an absurd moment. An absolut moment of self salvation.

But something still was missing in her life.

Honestly, she didn’t… wait, was it honesty? Was it that tingling feeling she lacked to perceive from people she knew, people she trusted?

Or maybe something more than that.

She always thought she’d missed someone. But maybe she just missed something.

Something that gave her life. Something that gave her joy. Something that…

Was it love? The big word she never could comprehend.

Or was it something simpler?

Her cellular beeped. She pushed a button. She began to read.

“Hey, how’s your weekend?”


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