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Story of O

Over and over, on his heart overloaded by the overwhelming and ongoing obsession of her, he felt occluded. Omitting every old-age questions of her opacity toward him, he oppressed all his doubts. The opera of her being inside him that ornamented his soul, the orgasmic orgy of her that outbursted all over him. Outcast from his own reality, he didn’t really know the outcome of the option he had chosen.

But oh, she was his Ophelia, the oxygen that fed his dying lungs, the attracting opposite. She opened a door inside him that was once closed. Her omnipotent shadows oiled all over his being; odd, he knew, how he was switched into so many octaves the day he met her.

She occupied his thoughts like fishes in the ocean, an odd occurrence. Everything was becoming obsolete, he observed. His life was obscure, obscene at the very least before she opened her arms to him.

And his past became lines of obituaries, dark as onyx, and he would put all that behind. He could only offer her a future, however opaque it was to see.

She was his ode to life.

*inspired by, well, the letter O... :)*


  • At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Alia said…

    Oh my God, you just made me O.

    *langsung lemes* hihihi

  • At 9:44 PM, Anonymous ita said…

    ahhh... as usual, nicely written :)

    today is just ordinary day. i met the oracle who told me to across the ocean and find an old house made of oak. there i saw two owls making out on the roof top and they had their big o. i said: omigod! :D hehe..

  • At 3:04 PM, Blogger oca said…

    aneh banget sih.. maksa.

  • At 6:23 PM, Anonymous suspct_rN said…

    heyy, gw pikir O for Othello,, shakespeare, lo musti baca! baru kali ini cerita penjahatnya menang, kereeenn..... *um, gw nonton ding, huehue....



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