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Shorty 008


She felt the little thing within her embrace, the agitating little angel who just came from heaven, half of her soul that became this little boy who looked at her straight to her eyes. She was holding the fruit of love, the part of her that she knew she’d been missing all her life.

Until now.

The boy was cuddling lazily to her, maybe listening the familiar heartbeats that kept him company for the last few months, the familiar feeling of being protected by someone who he didn’t even aware of.

It was a feeling of love. Pure love. The love that has no restrictions at all. It was love. Pure love.

She looked at him, smiling questioningly about everything that she ever looked for in her life and now nothing would matter anymore except for the little being who was holding her thumb with his two tiny palms.

It was an intimate moment between the two of them. It was their world. The world that they would certainly walk together, tracing every path with their stories.

Of course there would be moments where their paragraphs would differ, but at the end, they would be holding the same pen again to write chapters after chapters.

Nothing else would matter anymore.

It was just her and her son.

It was more than enough. It was everything.

And nothing at the same time.

*Happy birthday Mom… I love you so much. And of course, kisses to my newborn nephew, Maula, who just folded his wings to fall into my lovely cousin’s arms…*


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