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I don’t see my whole family as much as I want to, so, sometimes, when we gather for a certain occasion, there are many things to catch up. I often get surprised by my cousins seeing how big they become or knowing that one little cousin has a boyfriend.

Even this one cousin telling me about his recent first sexual experience.

A little asterix aside: Well, it was quite surprising coming from him, but hey, he’s old enough to make his choice and it’s already done anyway. But I would’ve preferred he came to me first to ask me things about it before the actual deed. I’m kinda afraid his hormones were doing all the thinking.

Back to the family thing.

My big family is a very strong bonded one, with everyone knowing what’s everyone doing. They always take care of each other and they tend to get into each others problem whether they want it or not.

And it was a little problematic for me.

It took me quite a long time to get them out from my decisions in life. I do agree that their way was probably the right one or more precisely, the normal one. But I just didn’t want to take it. It made me feel quite bad actually, since I know they had the best of intentions.

I was drifting away from them, step by step. They felt that they didn’t know me anymore. Every step I made took me away from them.

But we came to an understanding at last, with a long discussion and talk about the way I see my life and the way they want me to be.

I understand that they only wanted the best for me, and what I had to do was to convince them that the way I took was the best for me.

And now my relationship with them is stronger than ever.

I guess it’s true what they say.

Family would always be there for you.



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