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What a strange word, isn't it?

Four letters, one syllable. Millions of meanings.

Some of us see it as a gift from above, taken for granted. Fell from the sky with the holy light and why not, toss in some semi-naked angels chanting with their harp.

Some see it as a curse, something you seem not capable of living without, something depressive, something heavy, a burden, a brick, a window waiting to be broken.

Some see it as something elusive. Mysterious. Unattainable no matter what you do. The Holy Grail, the Trinity, the Heaven. Keep reaching, guys, it's there, but you would not get it... ever.

Some see it as a common thing, a day-by-day habit, to fall in love is to breathe. Inhale, exhale. Feel it in your lungs.

Some see it as Encyclopedia Britannica. Thick. Voluminous. Helpful but a tad too complex. And to find your happiness, you'll have to dig deeper and deeper, opening every single page and reading every single line.

Some see it as an escape. From everyday's madness, a sanctuary, a safe haven. Somewhere you could lie down and close your eyes. Cuddled.

Some see it as an excuse. Excuse to taste the forbidden fruit. To succumb to the original sin. A flag to wave everytime your partner muttered the negation sentence.

Some see it as a plain old coat. Something that protects you in the coldest winter. Comfortable. Warm. Smells funny, though.

And of course gazillions interpretations still waiting to be discovered or told.

As for me?


Four letters, one syllable, millions of meanings.

The hell with meanings.

Let's fall in love...


  • At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think Love is Simple...


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