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act, react...

You stand alone and you hold a small rock, then you effortlessly swing your arm and throw it to a pond. Its trajectory traced in a curve only you could see, because only you know the strength of your throw, the distance you are aiming and only you could know where it would land before anyone else. Because it was your doing. It was your decision to throw that rock.

And it would land more or less on the spot you were directing it.

Then you’ll see the ripples starting to form, slowly spreading themshelves into every direction, making circles and circles of consequences that even you couldn’t predict, however hard you thought when you were holding that rock before you actually threw it.

You did the action. You know - or at least you think you know – what you were doing at the time.

But you could never predict the consequences.

For every action, there is a reaction.

You were aiming for the lotus in the middle of the pond, but actually you miss it by few centimeters.

You’re dissapointed, at first.

Then you’ll see that the ripples going slowly toward the lotus, nonchalantly shaking it.

It wasn’t your intention. But in a way, you succeed to make a little change in that lotus' state.

And then you smile. Because what you did, whatever the outcome, did something to pull you closer to the destination.

Knowing that, you would try once again.

Because life ain’t static, there is no right or wrong, black or white… failure or success.

Everything you do has consequences that could be hard to swallow, could be harsh to taste… too hot to handle. In any case, you would have to face them, look at them straight in their eyes and hold them tight so you would never let them go and be forgotten.

And life is always about second chance. Fail now, try again.

Action and reaction, beauty of life.

An unseparable couple that would always remind you one thing…

… that life is truly worth living.


  • At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Alia said…

    Action and reaction.
    Reaction and action.

    You do an action which stirs up a reaction and makes the other do another action which stirs you to do a reaction.

    An evergoing process.
    There is no beginning and surely never no end. ;)

  • At 11:45 AM, Blogger Nia said…

    Life is cycle
    Where the end stops in the very point where it begin.
    The beginning leads to the end that leads to a new beginning.

    Everything complete each other.

    The bitter and the sweet
    The triumph and the defeat


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