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Few weeks ago, I met an old friend of mine in a huge yet disorganised mall. One thing led to another, we talked about our chatting habit and she told me that she never tried the “transcript chat” feature. Then I remembered that my chat program transcripts all my chatting sessions automatically, up to one year I think.

So I re-read my chats the day after.

It’s funny though, re-enacting the topic du jour with all my friends. The friends with whom I am still close and sadly, the ones I don’t talk with again.

Nostalgia, kill me with your silver bullet.

I remember one good friend of mine once wrote about “burning the bridge” and we had a lively debate about it. I, for one, think that doing such thing is not necessary while she insisted that it is the best thing to do to forget someone.

But why would you want to forget someone? Because the person hurts you that bad? The outcome of an unhealthy break-up? Is it obligatory to erase that person from your life, ever?

I don’t know. I always thought that the bridge is not meant to be broken, because they made you who you are right now, it’s a way to show your gratitude to them, because through whatever you’ve been, you rised and shined once again.

I would never even think about burning any bridge. If I don’t cross the bridge, it’s solely out of respect for them, however uncomfortable for me just to see them from afar, knowing that those people and I have been together even just for a little time.

The extension of your being is defined by others. Without them, you or I are nothing. Without others, we are incomplete. And yes, it sucks to be incomplete. Knowing that some parts of your past, the ones who made you who you are today are missing.

The extension of your self-conscience that indeed you are not alone, and ultimately the extension of forgiveness.

Because the grudge would last forever, killing you like cancer deep within your soul and yes, it is a disease. It would eat you alive until you finally realize that it was too much ado for nothing. And we never know when our clock would finally chime.

As this is the end of the holy month of Ramadan, I would like, as tradition obliged and as I do feel the need, ask for forgiveness. For everything I did, everything I said and God knows, every single lefts that couldn’t be righted at the time.

Especially for the people I mentioned above, I just want to say that I would always be there for them… no matter what.

Have a meaningful Ied...


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