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Top Five things I would like to do with you...

5. Having those afternoon excursions, whether to the shopping centers, eating out somewhere, book store or even your office. I would love to take you around, hanging out in places that I know you would love; having coffee at Tornado, eating at Bokabuka or having ice creams at Gelato.

4. Traveling together somewhere, most probably Jogja for a start, then we could go to Europe; Geneva and Koln to be exact. We will retrace our itineraries. Well, question is, would you share me your ham pizza once again? "Share the sin, son." My God, you cracked me up that day. Emotional blackmail always works, doesn't it?

3. Talking about everything and nothing, for hours. About our dreams, your hope, my path or anything. You would scold me for some of my choices in life, but I know you would understand me. You would always hold my hands no matter what. And I always love you for that; for letting me living my life, choosing my paths and facing their consequences. I will always take responsibilities, even if they hurt me deep. Just like you always said to me.

2. I always loved watching you write. I saw your passion, your dedication and your joy in it. The late nights you passed making stories, reports and whatever with a soft background music. I would love us to write together, collaborating in making worlds of our own, playing with words... together. You and me, co-writing. It would be grandiose, wouldn't it?

1. Praying at the Ka'bah together. You, Dad and me.

Happy birthday, Mom. Wish you were here.


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