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cloudy days

Someone asked me... what do they want, when are they gonna stop?

Unfortunately, those are questions that I can't answer. I remember talking with my uncle last weekend about faith. He said that the more one believes in his faith, the less he thinks about his surrounding, because everything he does become something between him and his God, therefore, no one should blame him for anything. I did ponder about this thinking all over the weekend. You know, I have faith in humanity, I have faith that people do care about each other and also that we, as human, with our intellegence and feeling, should not even think about hurting each other.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the hope is fading...

When the war in Iraq started, I saw hope... I saw people standing together, holding each other hands, speaking their heart as one... saying, stop the war. That time... I BELIEVED in humanity. I believed that we, humans, do not want to repeat our mistakes from the past, and yes, indeed... we want to live in harmony, regardless of race, skin, nationality... because we are made of flesh and blood... your blood is as red as my bone is white.

red... white... are those the only things we have in common? Are those the only things we share? Don't we all have that one common goal of living together in harmony?

I only want a humanity where its people care about the neighbor next door. Am I asking too much?

Cloudy days indeed.

Excuse my mumbling... but I need those to get out from my mind.

Just want to share...

I'm sorry...

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