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Link-o-rama 001

I like to browse.

I like to take a virtual promenade into the internet garden. So, I often stumble into few cool sites that I like to mention to my friends. But the problem is, I always forget to give them the urls after.

It's time to pay some old debts.

historical sounds in MP3 formats, very cool... you got MLK's "I have a dream", Einstein explaining the E=MC2, etc.

Look for storylines, hear what people say in New York and Chicago.

This guy is hilarious... let's all go to Jamaica!

Now, this Zidane's controversial headbutt is really being the talk of the town, why don't we see the evidences as seen by several parties.

For those who love to play with photoshop, this site might provide some great tips and tricks.

This guy is my hero... as a comic writer, he showed me that being a geek is cool... browse inside his site to unfold various cool thingies.

Nostalgic gamer? Yet you're using a Mac? Fear not, this place offers you downloadable oldies such as Syndicate, Sim City, etc.

I like fooling around with my guitar, so I like to look for chords in here, here or for some oldies, here.

Hmmm, I think that's about it. If any of you remember that I mentioned to you whatever cool site, please let me know... and maybe I will do thing kind of posting routinely... like a weekly thing or such.

Anyway, back to work. *sigh*


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    Hmm.. nice links.. check this awesome blog here :



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