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Job in Ads

Ever wondered how to get a job in Advertising? Do you feel creative enough to be an award winning Art Director? Do you ever think that you are THE undiscovered genius? Ego bursting out, heart pumping a million beats a second, broad confident smile, your flashy portfolio in the hands, saying out loud "I AM GONNA GET THAT JOB!", looking at the creative director browsing your babies carefully, waiting for him to say that magic word. Then he puts down your folder, takes off his glasses, rubs his forehead, opens his mouth slowly and finally he mutters...

"your portfolio sucks..."

Thousands lightnings striking you, an elephant stampede crushing your ego, the earth swallowing your body, soul and being, days turning into nights...

Ok, that was kind of extreme. A creative director rarely says "sucks".

Maybe you should take portfolio tips from Dave Trott, AMVBBDO, England.

You know, perhaps changing that stampede into praises, we never know....

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