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Let me recapitulate. Holiday four weeks ago. Moving in in the new office. Clobbering network people for not doing their damned job correctly. Partying. Playing pool. And voila, I am back online again since yesterday. Anyway.

My new office is great. Well, for me it is a little bit less homey than the former one, but an office is an office, right. Given some time, I think I could make it more comfy. Like putting a sofa beside my desk, perhaps? But I must admit that this one is much bigger, thus, we need to hire people to fill up the places. Anyone interested?

Now for the serious chapter...

I met someone who made me think about true love. You know, that kind of I-want-to-live-with-him/her-forever love. I always thought that true love is a strong fondation of everything, even life. The thing is how to keep that fire flaming, even a little bit, inside your heart. After talking with that person, I realized that true love needs nurturing. Just like a newborn baby. In fact, love is an eternal baby. It has to be fed, cared of, cuddled... you know. Why a baby, you say? Because in order to have THE true love, you have to pass that labouring act. You have to pass through all the suffering, all the pain, the screams, the hard-breathing parts. But when it's finally done. God, that must be the most beautiful thing in the world. Conclusion. If my friend happens to read this, she'll know that true love doesn't come easily. In fact, she has to be strong, because after all, we all agree that love hurts, but when it heals... no pills in the world could ever be compared to it. Just be patient.

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