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Useless Facts?

1. Everyone knows that spinach is loaded in iron and makes you stronger - Just look what it has done for Popeye's career. Well, Popeye was wrong. So were all of those parents that stuffed it down their kids' throats. In reality, spinach has no more iron in it than any other vegetable. This spinach misconception dates back to the 1950's when a food analyst made an error while calculating the iron in spinach. His decimal place was off by one place, suggesting that spinach had ten times as much iron content than it really did.

2. The oldest business in the United States of America is the cymbal company Zildjian which was founded in Constantinople in 1623

3. From space, the brightest man-made place is Las Vegas, Nevada.

4. Contrary to common belief, elephants are not afraid of mice. Go to any zoo and chances are that the mice are living in the same quarters as the elephants. The mice eat the grain and nest in the hay that is so common to elephant habitats.

Those might be useless, but it is fun to know, right? If you want to see more of them, just try this one.

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