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Citra Pariwara

Citra Pariwara is an Indonesian annual advertising festival. This time the theme is "Free from Creativity Cuffs", which I think is a moot point, because nothing could ever hold us from our own creativity. Anyway, I went to that event last friday, and surprisingly, it was great. I felt the "heat", as they say. It is fun to see all those creative people packed together in one place, many wore costumes especially designed for the occasion. One agency had its employees wearing high-school uniform, for example. In a word, the party was fun.

The ceremony, on the other hand, wasn't that good. I felt like attending some banal variety show. The stage looked awful (pyramids?), the presenters knew nothing about the industry and we did not even get to see the nominees, only the winners. Make it better next year, guys.

The ads looked slick. There is an improvement in Indonesian adscape, but the agencies did not varied as much. I still see the same ones winning the awards. Congratulations to Ogilvy Indonesia, however, who brought most of the awards back home.

Well, one positive point from the event: it makes me wanting to work harder, and maybe win something next year.

*crossing my fingers, liberating my imagination*

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