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Cinematic experience...

I am afraid of going to movies.


I was afraid of going to movies.

I still recall the very first time my mother took me to a movie theater. We were supposed to see Batman (the old one, you know, with KAPPOW and BANG during the fight scenes). I was excited. But when we arrived to the theater, she told me that we were going to watch Zorro instead. Well, I was a bit dissapointed, but glad nonetheless, because Zorro was cool as well.

So here I was, smile upon my face, as the hall went dark and the screen went bright. Then the horror began. Literally.

They were showing a trailer of an upcoming horror B-movie. I was around five years old and I wasn't prepared to see a headless body, a walking amputated palm, a ghostly faced man with his arm hanging sans said palm and a screaming lady with her eyes wide open.

The place was becoming terrifying. I held my mother's hand tightly and yes, I was too afraid to cry.

It was horrifying.

Fast forward 4 years. I was a film addict, but strictly on the betamax (remember that device?). Then my mother came to me and said, "Let's go watch a movie, there's a funny movie." I was petrified. I let go my toy and screamed - Yes, it's true - I screamed. She had to literally force me out my room to watch a movie. I still laugh remembering the scene until now. Anyway, she apologized for not taking me to see a movie for a long time and somehow I surrendered myself because deep inside I wanted to see that so-called funny movie.

The film was Crocodile Dundee. And yes, it was quite funny for me. I remember laughing during the film and being touched when the protagonists finally said the three-words sentence. Well, I am not ashamed to say that it was Paul Hogan who reconciliated me with the movie theater.

Let's skip another dozen of years. Nowadays, I love going to movies. If I don't have any companion to go with, I would voluntarily go by myself. Because I love being in that dark room now, immersing myself into the surreal world right before my eyes. Of course I do choose the film I am about to see, I am quite selective for I hate being dissapointed by a bad movie. It's like making friend with someone who would stab you in the back.

Now that the Jiffest is in town once again, I can't wait to feel new cinematic experiences. Hope I could catch one of you guys there, just let me know...

Until then, don't worry for everything's gonna be all right... Cheers.


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