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A story always has two authors; the one who actually wrote it first, and the one who's writing another one as he reads. How come a reader could be a writer at the same time? The answer is quite simple.

Because we have that little thing we usually forget to use called imagination.

That case happens to me quite often. When I read a book, I usually make my own scenario inside my head as I follow the story. The characters behave according to my wishes and they become any shape I want them to be. The personalities are not spared neither for I put some of mine into them as I recognize myself in their behaviors. The process is quite disturbing since sometimes you don't know where to draw the lines between reality and fiction...

A story is a reflection of its author. But as you go deeper into that ocean of words, you become fond of the story and you find yourself making changes that suit your imagination. Your subconcious is making a whole new world based on the one imposed by someone else. It's quite an experience actually. To be able to create something practically effortless.

Maybe that is why I love reading. The borderless and infinite worlds to visit, or even better, to uncreate and to create. Playing God and Devil at the same time.


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