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Thank you...

Thank you for...
... creating me by putting together both of your souls to blow life into me...
... the classical lullabies you've played for me .
... the hugs and the morning kiss as I stepped out my bed.
... cheering me when I was down and support me when I was up.
... teaching me to be true to myself.
... reading me all those nocturnal stories, filling my imagination with fairies.
... nagging me when I was bad, yet letting me do whatever I wanted.
... telling me to be a man who is bound by his promises.
... pushing me to the top with a finger, allowing me to crawl the hill with my bare hands.
... laughing with me, illuminating my world.
... painting my darkest night with the brightness of your smile.
... making me believe that sometimes you have to learn to live the hard way.
... trusting me in every choice I've made in the crossroads.
... believing in me when I didn't even believe myself.
... putting the passion of art into me.
... loving me no matter what, where nor when.

And most importantly, thank you for watching me all this time from above. Because eventhough you both aren't here with me, I can always feel your touch upon my shoulder telling me to keep on walking.

I'm sorry I couldn't tell it in front of you on this very day, but He's got another plan for us...

I miss you both, but I know that eventually we'll be together again...

Until then, I swear to keep on living... and enjoy every little second of my life.


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