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Me? Writing that much...?

It's been a quite busy week for me. And dammit, how do I love the feeling. The adrenaline rush of having a tight deadline, the endless exploration of an idea and the finesse of an execution. Things that I do miss a lot actually... although you probably would see me in few months cursing at the very same situation... but hey, we're never satisfied, are we?

The thing I like about having my creative juice flowing is that somehow it also affects other area.

I was having a cup of cafe mocha at Plaza Senayan all by myself. I was sitting there, reading my Eco, frowning because sometimes I didn't get the words when suddenly I had the urge to write. Yes, I wanted to write stories that time and somehow I could feel all the plots just on the tips of my fingers. I frantically scribbled for about an hour and half, with a cigarette in my left hand, a cafe mocha in front of me and an aftertaste of strawberry cheesecake in my mouth.

Surprisingly, I wrote four short stories (or shorties, as I like to call them).

I could never write that much until that very evening.

It could be one of the so-called state of illumination where the ideas were just flying inside your mind. All you have to do is to catch them sporadically and then you'll have to try to put them together. I love having that state of creative euphoria. If only I could have that by a snap of fingers... or maybe I should do that solitary trip a bit more often. I don't know.

Maybe I would post one of them here, if any of you are interested that is...

Until then, don't take your life seriously... you're part of a cosmic joke, after all.


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