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The moment has arrived.

For a month, pratically 75% (this is a grossomodo figure, I don't have the mean to hire AcNielsens) of Indonesians will restrain themselves during the daylight from eating, drinking, smoking, kissing, cursing, fantasizing, having quickies, lying, gossiping... you really want me to write all the restrictions? I'm just afraid I'll blow my bytes quota.

But why, why, why...?, says you.

Primo, because the Big Guy said so.

Secundo, I personally think that fasting is a good thing. I mean, yes, we are terribly hungry and thirsty during the day, especially during the holy lunch hour. But then again, about millions of people feel that everyday, 24/7... I'm talking about those poor people who live in small shack by the river that's so thick with garbage you could practically walk on it. In a way, we are reminded of their suffering. Yes, I know that what we feel ain't nothing compared to theirs. However, it allows us to take a peek and maybe to realize how lucky we are.

Ramadan is also an opportunity to practice self-control. Imagine this situation. I am starving in the middle of the day, and guess what do I have to make at work. A freaking promotional ad with a picture of a huge juicy steak with the mushroom sauce slowly melting upon it. I'm thinking about eating my mouse right away. Anyway... as I was saying, fasting is a very good exercice of self-control. As the time goes by, you'll understand how to control yourself with your mind and eventually you'll become a bit closer to yourself by reducing your indulgence for a month.

I always feel that way, though.

In the end, being more emphatic and being able to control yourself are small prices to pay by fasting.

That must be the reason why Ramadan is the only religious thing I practice...


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