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It's been raining these past few days.

I love rain. The droplets hitting your window, the cold breeze caressing your senses, the freshly cleaned air, the smell of water surrounding me, the dark landscape, the clouds dancing above you, the knocking beats you hear... I love spending a rainy afternoon with a good book to travel in, a very dark coffee for bright ideas and a couch to lay on.

I remember when I was a little kid, it was raining hard outside. I was playing with my toys and I think I was making a war scene with those little toy soldiers, and I was in a middle of a crucial battle. My mother came in my room and said... "take off your shirt and go outside."

I was like, huh?

Of course being a good son, I did what she told me to do. And the experience was... I don't even have words to describe it.

I was dancing in the rain, I was running around, chasing every single droplet. I was ecstatic. Funny how easily amused I was... I was outside until the sky cleared up, I was amazed to see the world in that particular angle; the one you could not see clearly, blurred by the rain. I was really happy.

Nowadays, everytime it rains, I always remember that moment. Yes, it was the only time I did that purposedly. Well, if I tried to do that now, I know that I would get sick the day after *hey, I got a lot of work, and it certainly takes my energy*.

Somehow, I would love to dance in the rain again... preferably sans clothes.

But I would definitely get arrested and be charged of obscenity.

I'll plead insanity.


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