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Giant wheel...

For the last few weeks, I was doing this job of promoting an upcoming singer, which is quite a new experience for me because I never did something like this before. It was quite cool actually since I kinda learned few new tricks. The downside is because the job is not really official, I had to manage my already crowded schedule to fit in this one. So the last resort is... reducing my sleeping time, hence my sore eyes and constant coughs... but it'll pass... hopefully.

So last night I participated in the music video shoot session which started at 8 PM and ended this morning at 6.30 AM. Uhuh, red eyes and groggy hands as I tried to do some layouting this afternoon, but the coffee(s) helped a lot. The venue was an almost abandoned theme park in the middle of the city (Taman Ria Senayan) and for the sake of the concept, we turned on few rides. As I was sitting in a chair, drinking my red Fanta and smoking my trademarked cig, all of the sudden the Giant Wheel started to turn. It was quite eerie actually. It was 1 AM grossomodo and the thing was turning with all the light on just above me, sans music however. I was pratically hallucinated by the view. Then a thought just occured suddenly.

It's been quite a while since my last ride in the Giant Wheel.

When I was a kid, I always loved that ride. You feel like you are the king of the world (cf. Titanic, min. 124) above anyone else, the mere mortal. As you enjoy the grandiose view, you realize that you're going down, slowly, putting you back in the ground and then you will go up again. Then you'll be ecstatic again. Then down again. Then up. Then down.

Just like your life.

I read somewhere that life is a freakin' Giant Wheel. Whatever color of your cabin, whatever your choice of seat, you'll always faced into that up and down situation. Whenever you're on top, you know that inevitably you will go down to the bottom again. The vicious circle would go on and on and on... It's just the way life is...

So what I do in that kind of situation?

Get in touch with my inner child and enjoy the ride...

Update: I am kinda curious on how you see your life... if you could compare your life to a theme park ride, what would it be and why... if you could put your view in the comment box below, that would be sweet... Cheers.


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