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I love my job.

I really do... The thrill of letting my personality split into different facets, the delectable pleasure of having a sudden illumination, the constant need of squeezing my brain, the long walk inside my imagination, the cheerful arguments with partners in crime and finally, the satisfying feeling of accomplishing a herculean task when everything is done.

That's why I could never think of doing anything else in my life.

Call it foolish, call it stupid, call it close-minded... I call it passion.

The passion is fueling my will to go on... despite the wrecking working hours, the pressure from every directions... they're like the fog in the morning; it spoils your senses, but it's part of the beauty. Part of the process... the process of living.

Because I think my job allows me to widen my horizons, to push my own limits. I always have something new to learn every day.

And that puts a new perspective to the phrase "brand new day".

I don't really care about the paycheck, the recognitions, the fame or anything. I just want to be able to create something. I want to be able to put smile on people face when they see my works. I want them to slap their head and say "Hotdammit!". I want them to look at my works more than 5 seconds. I want... too many things.

Hence, the learning process.

I am a baby who's learning to walk.

Hopefully I would run soon.

And travel to the horizons... while not forgetting to smell the flowers.

Passion...? Yes, indeed.


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