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Regarding Jiffest...

I was sitting alone... wait... naah, I'm just kidding... *this one is for you, SanityInc...*


I saw two great films today at Graha Bakti Budaya. Jiffest is in town, I love it. So, I thought I'd give my two cents on them.

This is a view from an amateur viewer, so no need bashing me with technicalities or saying that my analysts aren't that deep... here we go.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

Jim Carrey in an unusual role. Playing a dramatic character, without the slapsticks and a lot of expression works. He pulled it off better than the time when he played a comedian in "The Man in the Moon" or that actor in "The Majestic". In this movie, he's naturally tragical. I don't know, maybe he is becoming comfortable of detaching himself from his "funny" image. I'll give him a cookie for being able to perform as a very confused and frustated man who wants to surgically erase his memories of a loved one.

Yes, you read it well; erase his memories. So, this Joel guy is in love with a woman, played beautifully by Kate Winslet (we'll get to her soon) and one day, he realized that she doesn't recognize him, as if he never existed in her life at all. Then a friend tells him that she had her memories of him removed. Angry, he also wants to do the same thing. So the film is basically telling the process of the removal.

The cinematography is excellent, I love the editing works. There are some creative cut scenes, some outstanding light works and I dig the european feel of the movie. The music score is almost flawless, except for some parts where I don't think it is necessary to put any. Excellent scenario, the dialogues flow naturally, without any pressure. But the thing about JC, he has this thing to exaggerate his expressions sometimes, I guess old habits die hard. Excellent casts as well, Kate Winslet plays a rather moody and strange girl, not unlike the one in "Iris" (thanks, Emil); Kirsten Durnst, as beautiful as ever, but still a bit shallow, although she managed to pull her role quite well; a full-size and almost unrecognisable Elijah Wood who played a character you'll love to hate, but we understand his motives. The rest of them are, well... ok.

The thing I like about this movie is how it gives me some thoughts to ponder and how it passes its message quite well... We all have that will to erase painful memories, but in the end, is it worth it?

Bridal Shower

One thing about this movie. Funny as hell. When I step quitely into the theater for I was a bit late, the crowd was laughing out loud. Then I understand why. The movie tells a story about three girls working in an advertising agency who each has their own unique and grotesque problem in their lovelife. A bit "Sex in the City" Filipino style. Sometimes you think that... "huh? Could that happen?".. but then you realize... "hey.. that happened in my (or someone else's) life!" The situation could be a bit lufoque, but yes shit does happen, and yes, those things could happen to anyone.

Unpredictable, that could define the movie as well. Primo, for its creative editing and popups (you'll see them). Secundo, for its unexpected humor now and then. Sometimes it gets corny, but hey, you'll laugh as well, because who could resist not to laugh facing a scene where a man was showing a snake tattoo on his chest descending to his private area, and the girl shouts "Ouh, Cobra!" The man just smirked and said "No, Anaconda"

Yup, the movie is quite sexual. I mean many skin's scenes and steamy situations. I guess Filipinos are okay with that kind of imageries. One of the girls are... excuse me... fucking beautiful and sexy as hell. I guess they were right about those filipino women... Anyway, back to the film. the dialogues are well treated, very natural, very "everyday conversation" and the casts were able to play almost without flaw. They stay in the character, but yes, sometimes they do a bit too much, but hey... it's all forgiven when you watch the ending... holy shit, I was laughing my ass off... believe me.

There are almost no points to ponder in this movie. It's an excellent entertaining movie that you should watch with a bunch of friends.

I hope I would be able to catch some more movies. Until then, live your life in a polychromatic palette.


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