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Shorty 002

She was sitting alone in the porch, a hot coffee in her hand and a book in the other. The rain was pouring hard, knocking the roof making a hypnotic beat that filled her mind with millions of thoughts.

Her eyes were weary and sore. But the light within her pupils was brilliant enough to brighten the dim atmosphere. A weak smile was hanging upon her face as she looked up to the sky. Her soft lips muttered noiseless words, maybe a pray for the sun to clear up the grey sky. She was smiling at the world. No matter how grim it was.

She sipped her drink quitely, slowly, tasting every single drop. She looked inside her cup, hoping that the dark coffee will give her a bright state of mind. A tear was crawling down her left cheek. A tear filled by her painful memories. Her past. Her present. Her future...

A chill breeze tenderly caressed her, as if the earth was telling her that everything would be fine. She smiled softly at the thought. She always loved the nature. More than she loved herself. More than she loved God.

She cried. Alone. In pain. Hurt. Solitude was not her friend of choice.

Suddenly her mobile beeped, putting her back into the reality. Someone sent her a message. She dialled the mobile with her skinny finger. It was him. And it was short.

happy 18th birthday, hun. be strong. don't forget your pills

Her eyes became illuminated with joy, a radiant smile was emanating from her tired face.

She was not alone after all.

It was still pouring outside, but she knew deep inside, that life needed rain to make a rainbow. A rainbow of hope.

She closed her eyes.

A story dedicated to women and girls with HIV who struggle for hope and friendship every single day, please be strong...


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