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A bit of my thoughts about life in general and things that keep it worth living...


Lyrique 001...

Let's dance under the pale moonlight
Feel every step we make alight
Let me kiss your cheek, slight
Because you're my true delight

Love is a story... quite mysterious
Love is a plaque... delirious
Love is a joke... hilarious
Love is a cocktail... uhm... delicious

So drink it up, my sweety pie
Open your soul and away we fly
Swimming among the stars in the sky
Without any reason to say goodbye

You make me feel... mysterious
You make me be... delirious
You make me laugh... oh, so hilarious
Because your love is... damn delicious

Then let me celebrate this day
Throw my sorrow far away
And let me say to you without delay
I love you more today than yesterday...


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