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I always see my life as a journey. A trip toward something unknown, but at the same time, certain. I know that I would die someday; I don't know when, I don't know how... but that is something I take for granted. But the condition in which I would be when I'll finally arrive to that final destination, I can't say anything about that. For I am not a clairvoyant.

I can't say that I don't want to know about my ending, for the very basic instinct of humanity is self-preservation, feeling secure, hence, knowing where the future will lead us is always THE question in everyone's mind. I spent hours and hours pondering about that, but still, in the end, you will find that there would be nothing you could do to be certain.

And it's good to be uncertain.

For me, the importance is to enjoy the ride. Make your life as delightful as possible, feeling every single thorn and rock beneath my feet, feeling every single breeze upon my face... accepting everything that He might give me.

A good friend of mine always reads a book from its ending. I was quite surprised when she did that in a book store, because for me, the whole point of reading a book is the anticipation to the unbeknownst ending. She just looked at me and said... "I don't care about the ending, I just want to enjoy the journey."

At that moment I realized that indeed, it didn't differ to my so-called credo in life. I am the big believer of "live to live". It's when you live for the sake of living. It's when you don't really need to know the end of your journey, for the end is quite clear.

You'll die.

But as I always say, when the inevitable finally comes, give me a good seat so I could have a clear gaze and say "you are the only thing I didn't see in my life".

So that's why people say that I don't really think about the future, because I am enjoying the present moment. Every single breath I take is a sign that I am, indeed, still ticking to go further.

I promised myself one day that I would not regret my life.

And until this very moment, I savour every single second... as I keep on walking... with unsteady feet on the ground.

Maybe some of you have noticed that the shoutbox is no longer present in my blog. I just took it away, because I feel it is quite redundant having a shoutbox and a comment system... I don't know. Visually speaking, I prefer it this way, a bit simpler and cleaner.


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