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Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya... part one.


I've been in Pattaya, Thailand for a week to partcipate in the Asia Pasific Advertising Festival, or most commonly called Adfest. My partner and I were to compete in the Young Creative Competition and also to attend the YC workshops. It was a very interesting experience and it certainly opened my eyes of the present world of advertising. Let's recapitulate my trip.

We departed from Jakarta the 7 march, and we arrived grossomodo at 13.00. To our surprise, our organization in Jakarta didn't arrange the transport from Bangkok to Pattaya. So we had to find our way to reach that place. After few calls and flirting with the tourism office lady, we decided to take the bus from the airport to Pattaya, via Bangkok terminal. It was the cheapest way to get there. It costed us about US$7 each, in comparison of a taxi drive, that would cost us about US$30 each. Good save.

We arrived in Pattaya around 18.00, all tired and sore. We had to dine with the other participants at 19.00, so after a quick shower and shave, we went down to the lobby and finally met them, sitting in the couches. The first guy I talked was a Srilankan, Ryan or Holli as he likes to be called. Then I started to make a round of "Hi my name is blablabla from blablabla." All of them were young and burning to create. I could see the fire inside their eyes. Then we all went to this place called Sharkie to have our welcome dinner.

It was a cool place by the sea. They served excellent thai style seafood and guess what, free flow beer and wine... guess what were Rangga's drink of choice... seafood always goes with white wine, that's the rule. I chatted with some other guys, from Thai, Vietnam and Hong Kong. We basically talked about how was life in our agencies. You know, sort of sharing war stories. After the dinner, I spotted some guys who looked like partygoers, so I nonchalantly introduced myself and shamelessly asked them where were they going. One bloke, bald as an egg, big as an oax called Azli greeted me and said that they were going to have a drink in town... some place called walking street. In my mind, walking street is just somewhere where they have some pubs or such...

Boy, was I wrong...

-to be continued due to some works...-


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