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Ok, you wake up in the morning, you make plan for the day: come to the office at 9, lunch at 12, work until 5, and chat around until 6 or 7, then go home and watch tv until 10. That is how you plan your day. Now, this is the result: overslept until 10, come to the office at 11, skip lunch because of the tight deadline, new job for tomorrow morning, so you work your ass off until the sun rises.

Yeah, life could give you surprises like that...

It's hard to make plan in your life, because of the little crossroads here and there. The thing is, more than often you'll be directed to the turn that you'll never expect. The one that you're quasi sure that you'll never take. The one you try to avoid.

Then somehow the Guy Upstairs redirect you...

The journey is long, so you try to expect those things to happen somehow, but then again don't expect much, because the surprise would be more beautiful when less expected.

And then you'll learn that the cliched "never say never" is true.

If God is a DJ, just follow the beats and dance your life away...

dedicated to two people who learned that lesson the sweet way


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