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Observe and laugh...

Have you ever heard of Steve Hofstetter? That guy is a keen observer of human behavior and somehow he manages to make us laugh about it. It is not necessarily funny, but it give you something to think about. I enjoy every line he writes and sometimes I even recognize myself in his witty writing. The example I give you here is about men who have biceps as big and thick as my thigh. Read it for your self:

But arms and drinking are not enough. With Emanuel Lewis-sized muscles, I'll need shorter sleeves. I'll buy shirts with sleeves so short, they will actually go the opposite way of normal sleeves, so that they rise up and cover my neck. No, that won't work – I won't have a neck to cover, because my bulbous shoulders will have out grown it. It won't matter – necks are for suckers.

Just have a laugh at his site dedicated to observational humor

I found another interesting website. An artist was asked to take LSD and do several drawings after, mainly to see how the drug would affect his ability. The result is quite... uhhm... inspiring. Wow, it reminds me of my last acid trip back then. Just go here

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