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Is that the bells I hear?

My best friend is getting married.


It's not that I am not happy for him, au contraire, I am relieved to see that he will walk through this life with someone who loves him and more importantly, who will always scold him for every clumpsy moves he'll make. But I feel that the bells are calling me right now.

Double damn.

I know this guy since junior high school. He was the guy who introduced me to the grunge culture, who gave me the passion of comic books (call us the geek duo), we always together, stuck like pages in an old book. And now, the bastard is going to be married. Ding-dong.

It is a sign for you to step in a new life when the closest person to you is making the leap. I call it the leap of courage. Of course I attended to some other friends' weddings, but they did not strike me as much as this one. It's usually like, "hey, you remember that guy we used to hang with, now he's married and has a kid and also opens a padang restaurant..". And I went like, "Dang... so how's the movie?". But this one, I was like, "Hmmm... I have to plan my life too."

It's easy being a bachelor. That is why they always throw bachelor's party. It is not about the boobies nor the booze (but they do make the party going), but rather, the last ride in the wilderness before going to the asphalt road. Last reminder on how easy things are when you're free and single.

Or are they?

We might think that being single simplifies a lot of aspects in our life. We are free to do whatever pleases us, free to move around our room in our underpants, one hand holding the remote, and the other a fresh can of beer. But it is also nice if those hands were held by someone we love. Or going home at 4 am without someone yelling at us, but don't we love to have someone to hug in the bed instead having only a pillow and the latest issue of FHM?

We threw my bestfried a bachelor party to show him the wild side of being single, but I think we did that because somehow we are jealous of him. Jealous because he finally found the nest, a freaking warm nest to sleep in. For all his life. And here we are, single guys mocking him about being handcuffed, but in reality we are the one strangled by our own freedom while denying that the bells are tolling.

Guys, when you hear them starting to jingle, why don't you do whatever you have to do to make it happen, because this road is easier to pass while holding your loved one. Don't waste yourchance.

Still, I may have to find another friday night coffee buddy at Citos. Coffee Bean, anyone?

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