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Do you believe?

"But God is not real, honey, you do not believe Him more than I do..."

"That is not the point, He should believe in us!"

I've read the passage above in a novel just the other day. Isn't it strange how something can change you so randomly?

Ok, here's the fact... I am not a big believer in my religion. There are things I can't just agree in it, but in the same time, I need something to hold on when I start to stumble. But I do believe in God. For me, He's my bestfriend. You know, sort of a hanging buddy, the one you can rely on and also the one who will slap you when you do something wrong. Sometimes when I was having hard times, He tapped my shoulder and told me that everything is just fine. You lost someone? Hey, let me give you someone who cherishes you. And I can never thank Him enough until today.

But then again, as I stated before, He also got another side, you know, the one that kicks your legs, making you stumble everytime you neglected Him. Just a way to remind you that He's still around.

A strange sense of humour, indeed...

So, I do believe in Him, right? The question is, does He believe in me? Is the same question a random teenager asks their parents when he comes home late and he yells, "Why don't you believe me?? I spent the night at my friend's house, I didn't get drunk!!!". Well, eventhough the teenager will puke himself dry in the toilet later, but that is another story. Now, we know that supposeably we understand every consequence of our every single act. And like a parent, God will act according to yours. What is the conclusion then?

I think that God didn't already draw our path. Rather, He wants us to choose our own way, and then decide for ourselves what's best for us. Of course, he will always remind us everytime we do something wrong, but when He believes in you, he wouldn't bother you that much. Remember, he got about six billions people to take care of, so make His life a bit easier by being good and by staying in the right track...

Make Him believe in you, trust me, it's a win-win situation...

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