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A hedonist is someone who is motivated by the pursuit of pleasure, to be more specific, the pleasure of senses. His life will always be dictated by that very reason, thus, he doesn't really consider the consequences of what he's doing as long as he has fun. *note to readers, the "he" in this article does NOT refer to anyone particular, I just want to make my life easier*.

He's the ultimate carpediemist, the absolute partygoer, the supreme ruler of festivities... he's the sole definition of pleasure.

But as the time goes on and the culture changes, we could see some new sub-species of homo hedonistus. You could find them in their habitats such as Clubs, Cafes or Bars. For some unknown reasons, the social pressure modifies the evolution of the species into few different kinds.

The Timidus Hedonistus: This kind is always standing in the dim parts of the habitat. He quitely sips his drink, watching other people and even talks a bit. You might think he's harmless, but after few moments, you realize that you have to buy a new bottle, since the guy is already gulping the last drop of it. Then as the alcohol starts to flow inside his veins, he becomes calm and relaxed, smiling because he quitely achieves his goal; to seek pleasure in the bottom of the glass.

The Pretendus Hedonistus: The laughable kind. He is the self-proclaimed king of the party, he tries hard to surpass anyone in everything whether it is drinking, flirting and even dancing. He always says that he's the ultimate player. BUT when someone else, most probably from another species, tries to pull him into the game, he will probably back off by mumbling some inane nonsense. And he will become the object of silly joke for the next millenia.

The Maximus Hedonistus: The Creme de la Creme. The Top of the Heap. The Cherry on Top. This guy will make sure that his presence is noticed by everyone. He plays the game as he writes the rules. When he enters the habitat, his sole goal is to play hard. Harder than before. Harder than anyone else. He cares about the surrounding in the sense that he will make sure that everyone is at least having half the fun he's having. He's the man without fear, the daredevil in person and sometimes... the devil.

So far, I only encountered those three species... maybe I didn't have the chance to meet the others. So, if you happen to know more than me, feel free to enlight me.

As for me, I am the Oneofthekindus Hedonistus...

By the way, which species are you?


  • At 9:06 PM, Blogger NinaAaAyYaAaWw! said…

    HedON` adaLaH naMa guRu soSioLogi gw di skuL!..*itu herdo0n duduLz* ehue2 xp,,b`cAnda! humm,setau gw hedonisme ituh paham mencari kesenangan semata btUL kaGa?!? ->so` teU


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