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Freedom!! (aka lost my job)

This sucks....

I just lost my job. Well, it's not that I am fired or anything, but his excellency The Owner decided to close down the shop (you understand, of course, that the capitals are signs of sarcasm *sigh*). So, let me recapitulate... these past two years, I have been working in an advertising agency, small indeed, but professional as a big one could be. Yes, I admit we didn't win much projects lately, but it is not that we were not trying. Oh, how hard we tried... those sleepovers at the office, hellish working hours. Those are interpreted as blablabla to The Owner's ears. You see, this guy only wants money. One small tiny part of me can't really blame him, but then again, in this industry, money doesn't come easily. We're only two years old, for God's sake.

The worst part, he only gave us 2 weeks to clear the office.

2 weeks... as in 14 days.

How would you feel when you're told that 2 weeks from now, you'll be on the street?

Anyway... now I am sans job status, but it's not like I am being jobless. Fortunately, I still have severals projects and some side jobs too... but somehow I can't stop thinking about my work mates. I hope they could find new things easily and more importantly, as soon as possible.

This is where you are supposed to wish me luck...

Nahh, I am kidding...

Just give me some works.


  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger leyla said…

    it's good that you're back! I myself will be resigning to nothingness this mid-week. Hopefully I can survive without my regular monthly wages...


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