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Yeah.... finally. After few weeks... or is it months... that I didn't post anything in my blog, there are many things that happened in my simpleton life. I was nominated for Daun Muda Award. It's a competition for young creatives in advertising from which the winner would compete next year in Pattaya, Thailand.

Well, I guess I got to go to that place next year.

Because I won it.

I can't tell you how good I felt when they announced my name on stage. It felt like thousands thunders drumming between every single heart beat. Yeah, it felt good. It was a dream came true. And it was real. Very real. And scary at the same time. Because from now on, I have to work much harder and I must not dissapoint everyone who put their trust on me. Especially my new employer.

Yes, I have found a new job too. I am now an art director in EuroRSCG/Adwork. Funny how things work when you expect them the least.

But really, recognition and glory notwithstanding, somehow I think I have found a lot of things from this award. First of all, I am very glad that I made friends with some of the most talented young people in advertising. And this I say to my fellow finalists, "You guys rock!!". We are all the winners, and yeah, I hope I wouldn't lose contact with any of you, because once again, "You guys rock!!". We had fun, right guys? The after party was a blast, if only I could remember more of it. Arrrgh, Derry, you're the devil in person. Stop choking me with that Cuervo.

Anyway, the experience was grandiose at the very least. Once again, I thank all of you who made it possible to me to step up in my path. Especially my soulmate, I know you always support me, even when you are miles away from me. And last but not least, my partner in crime, Mr. Dhany Virdian. You rule, brother. Hope I could work with you again, and accumulate any existing award in this freaking world.

It's good to be back in the track. Finally.

Let's rock...


  • At 3:10 PM, Blogger enda said…

    ya ampun elu menang ternyata? ciyeee keren amat sih hakhakka.. selamat ya :P

  • At 11:45 PM, Blogger uletbulu said…

    wuuuaaaaahhhh selamat yaaaaa. *salaman*


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