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I like that word.

It means "doing nothing". A situation in which I am for the last two weeks and yes, although for a moment I enjoyed it, but well... my brain becomes a bit lazy and honestly, I kinda miss all the works, the deadlines and those black eyes after a night in the office. But hopefully I will be working again soon.

It's funny when you think of it. When I was frantically working, I dreamed of having free times, doing thing that I always want to do or simply, laying back in bed doing nothing. But now, yeah... you guessed it, I am bored.

To be honest though, I did things that I never thought doing it. For example, I walked in the city at 3 am (really walking, as using my feet, wandering without a specific destination). And let me tell you something; Jakarta ain't that scary at night. I mean, I could walk safely without people bothering me, no traffic whatsoever and the air is quite fresh, until 5 am that is. Well, the case would be different, of course, if you were a lady with tight clothes or a nerdy guy with thick glasses looked confused. But I enjoyed the walk. It gave me a different perspective on the city, its people or simply... life itself. I saw the street singer packing their instruments, readying self to go home and at the same time, a bunch of homeless children waking up to find some fortune in the morning. I talked with a vendor for an hour, and yes, it gave me a new angle to see in life.

Sans job status notwithstanding, I guess I am still pretty lucky. I got a shelter to sleep under, I still got food and I can even surf the net. The morning walk kinda refreshed my state. It told me that I still got things to be thankful of. And yes, I am grateful.

Moral of the story?

Girls, don't put on tight clothes when you walk alone at 3 am... and guys, don't look nerdy... anytime.

I'll keep you all updated on my farniente period. Until then, just care about your loved ones, aight?


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