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A trip...

I went to Jogjakarta this weekend. Not for long though, just attending my cousin graduation. She's a doctor now, as in M.D. Now she would be able to extort sick people. Heh. Kidding. But somehow I might not trust her my kids, if I got any one day. Not a doctor who nearly closed a woman genitalia tight in a post-birth operation (that's her favorite story though). I'm kidding again. I will trust her my kids, but only for flu or minor sickness that is. I am quite proud of her. She managed to finish her medical school with a good grade, she seems very passionate in that field, and as for myself, I always respect those people. Eventhough they can't write properly. Have you ever try to dechipher their handwriting? It's like decoding morse code... I might need an enigma machine. Surprisingly, when they write bills, the numbers are always written beautifully... wonder why? Uhhhh.. I am kidding (I might need some medical attention one day...)

Other than that. Jogjakarta is a really beautiful city. Too bad it was raining most of the time. Excellent food.. you could do a gourmet trip and not blowing your budget in pieces. I had some traditional food there which cost me next to nothing and it was a generous portion too. Bad for my tummy. Oh well, I could always dream about that ideal belly. Now I got this 40-oz bottle instead of a six-pack.

The people are really friendly... but only when they're on their feet. Forget about any kindness and politeness when they ride their motorcycle... it's like driving in the middle of a Moto GP. Anyway... beside the fact that they could make Rossi or any of Hell Angel's member blushes, they know how to treat people, the classic javanese attitude still hanging in the air. You could sit in a coffee parlor and talk about nothing with the guy next to you. I mean it... in 1997, I talked with a guy for 2 hours. And in the end, we forgot to introduce ourselves. But I still remember his face. Maybe I will go to that parlor again, maybe I could find that guy... we haven't finish a debate that time...

I also went to some traditional craft shops because I wanted to buy a bunch of small sculptures. Man, I had to haggle for hours. I had to remember my javanese language, so I could talk with the guy properly. But at the end, we closed the deal and somehow I still feel that the vendor tricked me somehow. I still have to read that "How To Haggle 101, by Some Traditional Vendor"... I think they only sell that book among themselves... Bugger me.

Anyway... I am sorry of any of you have waited a looooong time for this post. It's because I have this writer's block (read book "How to Make Excuses, by Lazy Blogger, p. 27). I hope I will have something more interesting to babble next time.

Meanwhile, please check this if you've got few hours to kill.

Be seeing you...


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