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Slice of life 001

The boy was sitting peacefully.

It was midday burning above him as he couldn't even see his own shadow beneath him. The leaves fell slowly from a nearby tree, dancing gracefully within the small typhoon of dust, turning around and around and around until they finally landed softly on the hot paved street. He flicked his tongue, tasting the falling droplet from his forehead and wiped it nonchalantly with his right hand.

The sun was indeed blazing.

He looked above and smiled. He knew that no matter what, the sky would always brighten his life. He loved the colors of the sky. The vivid blue mixed with splashes of white here and there. If he could ask God one thing, it would be to keep that chef d'oeuvre forever above him.

He started to play with his hands. He pointed the sky and tried to trace the shining clouds, making any imaginable figures that his imagination allowed. A horse here, a dog there, maybe a car behind the horse, a woman a little bit to the left and maybe a flower just above the woman. Oh, so many things you could do with those shapes.

But he had to stop for now.

Because eventhough he was quite happy, he could only sing when the traffic light turned red.


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