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Love Adtually...

It was about ten past midnight. The cafe was filled by a brouhaha of the so-called music played the home band. I could barely recognize the song, but well, I must say that their performance was quite entertaining, especially that drunken debaucherie near the stage. I was hanging with some friends and I was sipping quitely my drink while noticing with awe how hard a boozed up girl could grip her man like there's no tomorrow and dancing all the way through the song. I was laughing seeing the poor bloke face when suddenly I heard a sentence from a quite intoxicated friend of mine,

"Love and advertising... it's the same thing..."

I was like, huh? I tried to dig a bit deeper and this was her answer,

"yeah.. like love is.. blablablablalblalblabla...*unaudible rambling*"

Guess I'll have to buy that "The Cambridge Dictionary for Drunkard".

Having not succeded to pull an appropriate answer from her, I tried to make up some correlations between those two things. Funny how Mr. Jack worked on me that time. Well anyway...

Advertising is basically selling. I know I will get burned on a slow fire by saying that, but in the end, it is the ultimate goal. To put the brand in people's mind? Sales. To improve the image of a certain product? Sales. To win an award in Cannes? Sales. I know, I know... advertising is not only about sales, but let's just stick to this particular reason. And before you harass me for my limited knowledge, I must say that I really want to make my life easier.

To make a successful campaign, you have to know your target audience. You have to understand them, you have to talk in their language, you have to try to put yourself in their shoes. In short, you become emphatically close to your target. You have to build the brand's image, push it to the limit until a point where people will recognize it by a slightest peek of the logo, for exemple. And it doesn't stop there. You'll have to maintain a friendly relationship between the product and the people by continuing to communicate with them.

Do you sense something familiar about the whole situation?

Love could be seen as an advertising campaign. To be successful in it, you might need to use those tricks above and put yourself as the product and the partner as the target audience.

Hard work, I know.

Fortunately, my friend did not say "Love and Micro Economy... it's the same thing"



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