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On "On Acceptance"...

Wow... my very bestfriend from overseas posted a comment on my previous posting. Two things suprise me:
1. He certainly improved his english. I remember how he couldn't even construct a sentence. *Bon, avoues que ton anglais etait pire que mon francais, Yann...*
2. He pointed out a thing that was overlooked by me. About staying to be who you are.

I said before in order to be accepted, you'll have to mingle with the locals *someone told me that technically I was the foreigner in that country... it's true, bugger me* and cut your relationship with your peers. I still think it's relevant, but what I forgot to write is that, yes indeed, you'll have to be who you are, don't even change your personality, because it's what makes you unique and naturally, the ones who will befriend you are those who are worthy for they will be your mates for a long time. You have a living proof right about here. And no, I never touched him.

*A propos, Yann, si tu lisais ce truc, je veux juste te dire qu'il y a un copain a moi qui va travailler a l'ambassade a Geneve dans un peu pres deux semaines. Tu peux m'envoyer ton numero, s'il te plait...*

Now, it's been a long time since my last Link-o-rama... maybe I'll give you some of places I've been through these last weeks...

- If you like to drink and wonder how to improve your amateurish bartending talent, go here.
- And somehow, the party got nasty, so try to find some remedies here.
- Because if you get really drunk, you may end up having stories like this guy.

So, until next time, behave yourself and break some rules...


  • At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wish I could hear you're speaking French directly to me.



    Keep rockin'!

    -Your SA-


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