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Fading out....

So, after weeks of overtimes, working my ass off, this is my last day in the office. I'll be off for a year*. yippee kay yay...

First, I would like to wish a merry christmas to whoever celebrate this holy day... and yes, you could invite me anytime for a good ol' christmas dinner.

Second, I really appreciate you guys for every single critique, comment and most of all, letting me being your friend.

Because friendship is one of the most important facet in my life.

Now, I will prepare my vacation and shout... "Lager, lager, lager, lager!!"... out loud.

Don't worry though, I'm still updating my blog until the 29th... hopefully.

Until then, shut down your computer and catch the spirit of christmas...

*I'll be back in january 3rd, so that counts as year, right?


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