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Shorty 003


She looked at the tiny thing she was holding. It was moving, it was breathing, it stared back at her, it giggled silently.

She always wondered how God could practically cut half of her soul and put it within this small body. She smiled and muttered,

"Son... I know you can't understand me right now, but believe me that you are the one who brought life to me. I want you to be the one who I would cherish all my life. Just forget everything you may do wrong, every mistakes you'll make, every misdirections you'll take, because I would forget them all, I would erase them all. I couldn't give you the perfect world. I couldn't give you the universe... but believe me, I would always be there for you..."

The baby was looking at the bright blue sky. She followed his gaze.

"Yes, under the blue sky, I would hold your hands. Under the grey night, I would hold you tight. I would chase the monsters under your bed, and when you'll grow up, I would chase them from deep inside your mind. Open your eyes, son... for there are so many things to see in this world. But always remember to begin by looking at yourself. Because there is nothing more beautiful than you..."

She lifted him and laughed.

"You'll see that everything is easier when you laugh. But don't forget to cry, because sadness could only be released within the tears. Don't be afraid to be sensitive, don't be afraid to be humble... because eventually you'll see that you are only a small part of this grandiose cosmic joke... and then you'll learn how to laugh freely..."

He was yawning softly, his eyes were closing.

"Sleep tight, son... for tomorrow will come undoubtly, and you will face a new chapter of your life every single day. Write your story, dear, and read them aloud, because that's how you'll mark your life in this world. Don't be shy, son... for you are the greatest of them all..."

He fell asleep in her arms, breathing slowly, with a tiny smile upon his tiny face.

"Son, thank you for changing my life..."

I know I was born because of pure love... and for that I thank her; for loving me always... Mom, if they don't celebrate Mother's Day up there, at least you know that I'm sending you this...


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