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Ideally, I would wake up early before dawn today. After yawning and stretching a bit, I would sneak out, walk quitely to the kitchen. I would turn on the light, turn on the stove and prepare the breakfast. While waiting the water to boil, I would go back to my room and take the flowers from behind the table. I would curse because they forget to take out the jasmines, so I would spend few minutes to sort the bouquet.

Then I would choose between Nescafe and Tubruk, but I knew you love your coffee smooth in the morning. So I would make you a plain one (2 teaspoon of Nescafe and 1 1/2 of sugar). I would then write things on a freshly printed card, thinking of analogies and metaphores, but finally settled with simple words. The toast were already done, and I would take some jams and butter from the fridge. I would decorate the tray with flowers and of course, the card I'd just wrote.

I would open your door and sneak in the room, I would put the tray on your night table, then wait for the first ray to shine. When I would see you stir, I would wake you up gently and kiss your forehead.

Ideally, that is when I would say "Happy Birthday..."

But life ain't always ideal...


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