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Piece of Mind 001

Somehow around the corner of my eyes,
the light shattered into million pieces.
Like cracked window pane I stand broken
whilst the sun shined its arrogant smile.

The rain might fall for ages,
the mist might cover my soul,
the snow might burn my blackened mind
the earth might stop turning for all I care.

Because like a drop of a rainbow color,
you paint my world.

Because like a spring breeze,
you chill my universe.

Because of you,
my cracked soul turns back into




you know who you are.


A promise...

It's been a while...

I know.

I really didn't have the time to write, that's the reason I always used to answer the infinite strings of questions from my friends. It was always the usual suspect; work, work and work. And the more I think about it, the more unreasonable the cause seemed.

Because you should always have the time to do whatever you like.

Because work is not a good enough reason to delay things you really love to do.

The thing is, work is kinda my hobby, so I really am stuck in a cul-de-sac right now...

But let us not digress.

Writing has always been my quasi sinful desire. I fell in love with words, not that long ago, and that was the coup de foudre. I like the thousands pictures behind a single sentence -it was a dark and stormy night- and the power of emotions that lies behind every single word.

That made me think of the real reason why I don't write a much as I wanted to.

So I've been thinking...



and crapola, I don't really find the answer.

Am I really losing my passion of writing? I don't think so... because these words just pour from my mind just as easily as they always do.

Is it really the time-consuming works? Once again, it would be an approriate reason, since like loving, you should always have the time to do things you like.

Or... this is the most obvious answer... I don't really know what to write.

Yeah, maybe that's the reason.

So, this is the deal. Please consider this as a prelude to more stories to come. Because as I wrote in the very beginning of this blog, I really want to share my view of life with you guys. Because I consider you all as my friends, eventhough I never meet you all, but the time you spared to come is just as valuable as your handshake.

And for that reason only, I should write...

... because you deserve that.
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